We've got a great set of clients. Here's a bit of what they have to say...

"With digital delivery from eBUS, the system is much improved. It's completely transparent and we can always see what the broadcaster has. If there's ever a query; we can see exactly what they see and remedy it right away.

It's also a lot quicker. If we need to get TVCs delivered as an emergency rush job; they can get there almost instantaneously."
- Matt Holmes, Head of Post Ogilvy NZ

"After eBUS, life has become better for us. It's fast, it's quick, it's efficient, and it's fully within our control."
- Sam Balsara, Managing Director Madison

"We've got a choice of delivery systems, but we've gone with eBUS because of its technical superiority."
- Grant Baker, Owner Images & Sound

"eBUS was the first solution to digitally deliver TV Commercials for SKY TV. The bottom line is that we've managed to improve our processes. We've accelerated our workflow and we can quickly authorise approvals. Our TVCs are received in high quality; they are automatically ingested then archived, so our turnaround times are at a minimum."
- John Fellet, CEO SKY TV