You do the ingest
Made to believe ingest is a complex and technical process?

Users upload directly into eBUS file exported from their chosen edit suite.

It's as simple and easily as adding an email attachment. No tapes, no couriers and no queues.

Automatic Quality Control Checks
eBUSdelivery's fully automated state-of-the-art QC system does not allow out-of-specification TVCs to be uploaded.

eBUS automatically checks your encoding format, video levels, audio levels and audio loudness.

Immediate feedback and automatic quality control reports are given on all files, so changes can be remediated right away if needed.

Immediate Delivery
Have an immediate rush job? We have Immediate delivery! Our record; sub 1 minute!

Delivery Starts Quicker
Delivery starts as soon as files pass QC! Never again will you have to wait for tapes to be delivered to another provider, manual ingest and QC to be completed, then be put into a queue for actual delivery.

Faster Closed Captioning
eBUS has completely redesigned and radically improved the workflow for how TVCs are captioned, approved and delivered.

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