TVCs require First frame to Last frame only
No clappers, countdown, bars, black, leader or audio tone. eBUS does this all automatically for you if required. Focus only on what truly matters.

Simple ingest
No tapes, no FTP. Upload through a simple web browser the same as attaching an email, receiving immediate feedback on all files.

We're Always On
Gone are the days of 9-5 delivery. eBUS operates all day, every day; 24/7/365.

A Higher Quality
We trust and believe in our users, which is why we don't touch what goes on inside your video. We deliver the file as it was intended by you to Broadcasters, which will also be the highest quality possible.

No longer will tapes, additional conversions or 'error corrections' jeopardise the quality of your video commercials.

Complete Transparency
Real time delivery progress can be viewed by all Agency, Advertiser, Production, Post Production House and Destination users.

eBUS sends automatic email and SMS notifications once files have passed QC and again when deliveries are complete.

Access from anywhere
Everything operates through a standard web browser; eBUS requires no hardware or software to be installed. Users can login anywhere in the world from their Desktop, Tablet or Mobile device 24/7/365.

Easy to Implement
eBUS is 100% Cloud based. This means no software or hardware to install. The eBUS product range is fully compatible with your current IT.

Automatic Updates
eBUS has a reiterative development process that incorporates user feedback. This enables all users to automatically and instantaneously receive new updates. No installations required - all new benefits received.

Ready to use eBUS? Get started.