Finding and using library footage has never been easier. eBUSLogit saves time, effort and money and allows shots and clips to be used more than once.

Logit online stock footage library

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It is ideal for:

  • Stock footage
  • Production companies
  • Broadcast Media libraries
  • Service companies
  • Larger enterprise use
  • Government organizations


We reduce the time taken to log and retrieve video from large archive libraries. Once you've found it, you can also use it for other purposes generating additional business opportunities.


It is compatible with the main industry standards, e.g. Final Cut Pro and Avid.
There is seamless integration with other eBUS collaboration tools.

Web based

You can preview and organize original video material directly online without the involvement of an editor, reducing editing time and cost.
You can publish your best material for public search over the Net.


  • Online Logging function
  • Public search for stock footage applications
  • Repurposing tools
  • Custom metadata for libraries, tapes and shots
  • Final Cut, Avid EDL import/export
  • Export to PDF
  • Client branded shots & tapes reports
  • Proxy quality of higher quality material

Without Logit we couldn't have turned the show around as quickly.

  • Ver. 4.0 live in June

    eBUS Logit v4.0 released. New version allows better integration with FinalcutPro and dramatically improved performance.