Express delivery of TV commercials, trailers and on air promotions. Our 100% cloud-based platform unifies, simplifies and significantly reduces costs for every aspect of video ad campaigns across TV, IPTV, web, tablet and mobile.

Delivery express TVC commerical distribution solution

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It is ideal for:

  • Advertisers
  • Media Buyers
  • Creative agencies
  • Broadcast Traffic & Sales
  • Broadcaster MCR
  • Regulatory Authorities
  • Production Companies
  • Post Production Houses


Deliver your ads in pristine HD quality.
The fully automated file delivery solution eBUS offers ensures your HD commercial will be received by Broadcasters in the same format they play on air.

24/7 Operations

With automatic quality control checks at the point of ingest, eBUS can send your commercial any time of the day or night; 24/7.
We also give you immediate feedback at the point of upload whether or not your commercial meets Broadcast specifications.

Faster. Easier.

Want express delivery of your TV commercial in minutes to TV, IPTV, Web, Tablet or Mobile?
eBUS can do it. It's as easy as adding an attachment to an email.
Get your commercial to hundreds of broadcast destinations within minutes when choosing our immediate delivery option.


  • Completely replaces sending tapes to broadcasters
  • Choice of delivery speeds with expected delivery time notification
  • Email tracking and notification throughout the whole process
  • Access of a library of previous deliveries with their history online.

"At SKY, the best thing for us is that eBUS is available 24/7." - John Fellet, CEO SKY TV

  • TVNZ Press Play on HD

    eBUS announced today that the first High Definition TV commercial has been received by TVNZ.

  • eBUS China Operations

    D Sriram has been appointed as Head of eBUS China operations, which begins operations for expansion with immediate effect.