Highly-creative and participative real-time video collaboration tool. It is designed to help several people add ideas and work on the same content across different locations.

Clipdraw real-time video collaboration tool

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It is ideal for:

  • TV commercial approvals
  • VFX production
  • Interactive demos
  • Remote collaboration
  • Rough-cut approval
  • Cost estimating bids

Easy to use

It's straightforward to add notes to frames and scenes which appear immediately on your collaborators’ web page. A blog-style history stays with the clip throughout your project, with email notification of new additions.

Real Time

It is a creative assistant that lets invited users draw on the video frame, in real-time. Everyone can add their own colour-coded ideas and immediately view the result. You can even browse a clip and have everyone’s remote video “follow” yours.

From anywhere

Multiple location productions demand greater coordination and collaboration effort. Clipdraw facilitates input and participation from directors and production management dispersed geographically.


  • Frame- or scene- based comments
  • Timecode hyperlinks to the exact frame in the video
  • Timecode "grab" hyperlink to add to your comments
  • Slave other users' remote clips to your master
  • Live frame-based freehand drawing right on the video
  • Download of original-quality video clip
  • Version control: revisions have their own clip notes
  • Email notification of changes and additions
  • Simple management of access permissions

simple to use and eliminates distance barriers

  • ClipDraw Ver. 4.0

    New version of eBUS ClipDraw is currently under development. It will include existing eBUS ClipNotes functionalities and support a more flexible delivery model.