Local media server which mirrors content to allow secure and fast sharing and distribution both within and outside the agency organization.

AdServer local media server compatible with Final Cut Pro and Avid system replaces DVD and tapes archive

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It is ideal for:

  • Creative agencies
  • Media agencies
  • Production companies


Provides an in-house mirror archive, replacing tapes and DVDs, and the need for physical storage.


It is compatible with the main industry standards, Final Cut Pro and Avid. Integrates seamlessly with
eBUS Delivery and Collaboration tools.


  • Replaces DVD and tapes archive
  • 100% web based
  • Compatible with Final Cut Pro and Avid system
  • Transcode and storyboard functionalities

"eBUS has completely revolutionized the business" - Trevor Easton, SKY TV NZ

  • Next version

    With Ver. 4.0 currently AdServer will allow an even more flexible distributed allocation of content. AdServer seamlessly integrates with the new eBUS Ver. 4.0 infrastructure increasing flexibility and performance both for internal and mobile users