eBUS Products

In today's fast-paced media environment projects are constantly changing at the last minute. Tight deadlines and rushed jobs are what we expect. eBUS's product range provides a distribution system that's fast, flexible, and instantly available. Forget the courier, it's already there with eBUS. So if you're looking for a high tech solution that delivers quickly and efficiently, read on...


Express delivery of TV commercials, trailers and on air promotions. Our 100% cloud-based platform unifies, simplifies and significantly reduces costs for every aspect of video ad campaigns across TV, IPTV, web, tablet and mobile.  more


eBUSshare organises all of your video files in a single easily managed location. Fragmented and remote teams can work on the same shared video files simultaneously.  more


Finding and using library footage has never been easier. eBUSLogit saves time, effort and money and allows shots and clips to be used more than once.   more


Highly-creative and participative real-time video collaboration tool. It is designed to help several people add ideas and work on the same content across different locations.   more


Local media server which mirrors content to allow secure and fast sharing and distribution both within and outside the agency organization.  more