Here at eBUS, we adopt the environmental, social and economic pillars of sustainability to guide our business decisions, ensuring we don't compromise the success of future generations with our actions of today.

In doing this, we aim to:

  • Comply with, exceed where practicable and contribute to when applicable, all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice.
  • Integrate sustainability considerations into all business decisions.
  • Be a global leader in the area of business ethics and sustainable business operations, setting the environmental benchmark for comparable ICT companies.
  • Ensure that all staff are trained sufficiently in our Sustainability program and are committed to implementing and improving it.
  • Make clients and suppliers aware of our Sustainability Policy and encourage them to adopt sound sustainable management practices.
  • Review and report sustainability issues on an on-going basis to ensure long term commitment to sustainable business practices.

CarbonNeutral Certified

eBUS achieved certification by The CarbonNeutral Company for 2011 and 2012.

This involved completing a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory in accordance with world leading standards ISO 14064:1, the GHG Protocol and the CarbonNeutral Protocol. Independent third party validation was completed by ecometrica.

Unavoidable GHG emissions have been offset through purchasing VCS carbon credits from the following projects:

eBUSdelivery Environmental Savings

Throughout Asia, TV Commercials are currently physically delivered to Broadcasters using plastic polycarbonate video tapes. This method emits large quantities of Greenhouse gas emissions through the manufacturing and disposal of plastic plus the use of numerous couriers, flights and train services to deliver these tapes around the world.

eBUS has eliminated the need for traditional delivery methods and tape production through its innovative cloud based solution that digitally delivers TV Commercials to Broadcasters, Web and Mobile media using the Internet.

The result:

  • 95%+/- CO2-e reduction compared to traditional TVC Tape delivery
  • 70%+/- CO2-e reduction compared to in-house servers

*This analysis was conducted in accordance with the international standard: PAS2050:2008.

Other Environmental accalations

eBUS was the recipient of the SME Top Honour Award for Green IT at the SBF Singapore Sustainability Awards 2011.

eBUS is also a participant of the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net), an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

CN Net

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